1978 class info.

Colors:  Silver & Dark Blue

Song:  "We've Only Just Begun", by the Carpenters

Flower: Yellow Rose of Texas

Sponsor:  Coach Jim Norman

Valedictorian and Salutatorian:  Annette Webb and Rickey Penney

Citizenship Award:  Janet Hill and Bubba Gorman

English Award, UIL Regional Qualifier & UIL Debate Qualifier/Literary Contestant:  Robin Hammer

Outstanding Band Members:  Audra Garrett and Martha Smith

FHA area winner:  Lisa Stegall

Coronation representatives:  Duke Bobby Trimble and Duchess Robin Hammer

Head cheerleader:  Martha Smith

Class Officers President: Martha Smith, Vice-President: Bubba Gorman, Secretary: Janet Hill, Treasurer: Toni Wren, Reporter: Wade Lucas, Student Council Representatives: Gary Weatherby and Sandra Bouldin

class favorites Most likely to succeed-Rickey Penney and Robin Hammer

                       Cutest and most athletic-Wade Lucas and Martha Smith

                       Wittiest-Monte Allen and Kathy Booty

                       Most popular-Bubba Gorman and Janet Hill

National Honor Society: President: Rickey Penney, Vice-President: Bubba Gorman, Secretary: Robin Hammer, Treasurer: Andy Parker, Student Council Representatives: Rusty Lingle and Annette Webb, Sponsor: Mrs. Lee


Student Council President: Rusty Lingle, Vice-President: Gary Weatherby, Sponsor: Coach Jim Norman

FHA officers Janet Hill, Robin Hammer, Martha Smith, and Lisa Stegall

Band officers Captain: Martha Smith, Head Lieutenant: Sandra Bouldin, Lieutenant: Audra Garrett, Student Council Representative: Kim Callan


                         Band Sweetheart:  Sandra Bouldin

                         Mr. & Miss B.S.H.S.:  Gary Weatherby and Martha Smith

                         Homecoming Queen and Yamboree Duchess:  Janet Hill


Football Honorable Mention: Bubba Gorman, 1st Team Defense: Michael Hackett, Honorable Mention: Wade Lucas, Honorable Mention: Rickey Penney, 2nd Team Offense: Gary Weatherby


Volleyball All-District 1st String: Toni Wren and Martha Smith